The Blindness of Hazrat Saad bin Waqas

Hazrat Saad bin Waqas was among the Sahaba of Prophet SAW and also Ashraa Mubashara [10 companion who were given good news or basharat] of Jannah in this world].

In his last year, he suffered from blindness and settled in Medina Munawara. People always flocked to him and asked him to pray for them and seek blessings.

Hazrat Saad did not bless everyone, but those who got his blessings always find his prayers always successful in their favour.

Abdallah Ibn-Sa’ad once went to him and Hazrat Saad gave him his prayers.

“You are always giving blessing to others and your prayers are always accepted. Why don’t you pray to Allah to cure your blindness?”

“Submission to Will of Allah Subhana TaAllah is far better than the personal pleasure of ability to see”, the wise Sahabi replied.



Roza Rasool SAW


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