Your Spiritual Guide is Shadow of God: Excerpt from Maulana Rumi’s Masnavi

The levels of sanctity according to Sufism and the status of the Spiritual Guide [Pir], who is the shadow of God.

The shadow of God is that servant of God who is dead to this world and living through God.

Take hold of his cloak with utmost swiftness and without distrust, that you may be saved in the cloak at of the last days of the world.

If you do not wish to lose your head, be lowly as a foot: be under the protection of the Qutb who possesses wisdom.

In reality, you are he: seek yourself in his “he” (personality). Say coo and become a dove that flies towards him.

The shadow (protection) of the spiritual Guide is better than praising God by one’s self: a single feeling of contentment is better than a hundred meals and trays of food.

A seeing eye is better than three hundred blind men’s staffs: the eye knows and can distinguish pearls from pebbles.

Do not let your heart stealthily slip away from the spirit-bestowing heart- ravisher, for he will mount you on the back of Raksh.

Do not let your head stealthily slip away from the crown-giving one whose head is exalted, for he will untie a hundred knots from the foot of your heart.

The shadow mentioned in the words How He (God) extended the shadow is the form of the Saints, which is the guide to the light of the Divine Sun.

Do not go in this valley without this guide; like Khalil (Prophet Abraham A.S.), say, “I do not love the ones that set ‘ .

The hand of the Spiritual Mentor is not withdrawn from the absent (those who are not under his authority): his hand is nothing but the grasp of God.

Since they give such a robe of honour to the absent, what must they give their disciples?: Undoubtedly the present are better than the absent.

Since they hand out spiritual food to the absent, just imagine what bounties they must lay before one who is present.

Every one took refuge in some act of devotion and discovered some means of salvation for themselves.

Go, you, take refuge in the shadow of the Sage, that you may escape from the Enemy that opposes you in secret.

Of all acts of devotion this is the best for you: with it you will outrank everyone that has surpassed the rest.

Come into the shadow (protection) of the Sage who cannot be led astray from the Way by any self-proclaimed spiritual teacher.

His shadow on the earth is like Mount Qaf, his spirit is like the Simurgh [mystical bird] that circles and soars up high.

If I should enumerate his qualities until the Resurrection, do not expect them to have a conclusion and an end.

He is so old that he has no beginning: there is no rival to such a unique Pearl.

The Divine Sun has veiled Itself in Man: understand this Mystery, and God knows best what is right.


mevlana rumi

mevlana rumi


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