Dua for forgiveness over Shab-e-Qadar

Prophet Muhammad SAW, the mercy for mankind, him narrated that Dua is the key of every Namaz. In Islam,  there are Masnoon and Maqbool duas for every occasion. Whether it is as small as entry in the house or as critical as facing major calamity or pandemic, exist a Arabic Dua every occasion.


Since Dua is not merely words uttered from mouth, but a form of begging from His Divine Mercy, it is important to know the meaning of those words in your own native language so it comes straight from the hear.


Masjid e Nabwi

Masjid e Nabwi


Many of these prayers recited by Anbiya Karam [Prophets] and accepted by Allah SWT, hence they are recommended in books of Islam as they increases the chances of Qabooliat [acceptance of prayer]. Many of such Masnoon Duas has a context  behind them. As example, Hazrat Younas A.S. when captivated in the belly of whale for 40 days asked forgiveness, his Dua pleased Allah SWT and He has mercy on him. Similiary, many Duas by glorious Prophets such as Hazrat Ibrahim A.S., Hazrat Ismail A.S., Hazrat Isa, Hazrat Moosa and Imam ul Anbia Rasool e Maqbool Muhammad SAW are considered to please Allah and their recitation is a source of Barkah for reciter. 


TheSufi.com has carefully collated such Islamic Duas in MP3 format for every occasion, which also come with Urdu / Hindi translation for our readers from Pakistan and India. 


Whether you are seeking Dua for forgiveness over Shab-e-Qadar or a Dua for cure from Illness, may Allah SWT with waseela of His Prophet SAW, Ishaba Karaam, Ahle-e-Bait and Awliah help us in the all times, whether peace or war, health or sickness, happiness or trials. Ameen. 




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