Saakin: Probably the more promising Sufi Rock Band right now

Sufi Rock is a genre that is not stranger for readers of Whether it is the pioneers of Sufi Rock, the greatest South Asian band ever Junoon, or more experimental and classica focuses Mekaal Hassan Band, each of these bands have an identity and forte’ to admire.

Over the years, both India and Pakistan have produced some excellent new musicians in Sufi Rock, our favourites including Badnaam, Darvesh and Dhool, many of these were introduced by popular TV shows such as Pepsi Battle of Bands and Coke Studio. 

Traditionally sufi music is often attributed to saints such as Hazrat Khusrow who is also considered to be the inventor of Tabla. With popular music making event instruments more prevailing now such as lead and rhythm guitars, bass guitars, drums and percussion, and keyboards, Sufi raags have been evolving quickly. 

Although  music composed over traditional instruments such as harmoniums and tabla  still remains popular which is part and parcel of Qawwali, Sufi Music  comes in all shapes and sizes. 

Badnaam is a band who gained huge popularity recently. Their sound is often compared with Seattle based Nirvana,  and they have introduced a genre Sufi Grunge with amazing tracks such as Ali Maula and Alif Allah. Heavy in its bass beats, loud drumming and some amazing noisy guitar riffs by its frontman Ahmed Jilani.

Darvesh is another promising band. They had fewer songs but their cover of Sounds of Kolachi ‘Allah Hi Dega’ was admired by Sufi music audiences. Their genre is Qawwali rock, a little different from Badnaam.

However, our favourite band of the moment is Saakin [click to open their YouTube channel], who have released merely 2 tracks yet, Saqi-E-Bawafa and Aj Sik Mitraan Di [Kalam Hazrat Pir Meher Ali Shah]. Their Sufi Rock version is much softer, which smooth and soft bassline and drums, backed by a very powerful vocals. Even with such few number of tracks, Saakin is our Artist of the Month that we look to hear more music from. 



saakin – sufi band


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