3 must listen Sufi Music songs for Meditation

Sufi music is an ancient tradition of musical expression dating back centuries, and is used among spiritualists to induce a deep meditative state. Sufi music typically features vocal chanting combined with various instruments such as sitar, tabla, and percussion. The combination of these elements creates an atmosphere which allows the listener to enter a tranquil state conducive to meditation and self-reflection.

When listening to Sufi music for deep meditation purposes, it’s important to pay attention to the lyrics and the spiritual messages they convey. As the chants are repeated over and over again, they become embedded in one’s subconscious mind—allowing one to reach deeper levels of meditation more quickly. Additionally, the repetitive nature of Sufi music allows for increased awareness and focus.

3 tracks below [2 for Turkey and 1 from Egypt] for deep meditation, selected for Sufi music lovers.


 Turkish Dervish Whirling Music Semaa 8MB (8:40)

 Ney Taksimleri Rast – Sufi Music of Turkey 6.6MB (7.02)

 Egyptian Nile – Sufi Meditation Song 2.8MB (3:01)



Whirling Sufi in sunset

Whirling Sufi in sunset

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