5 Amazing Quotes of Imam Hussain every human must read…

On Religious People

Most people are slaves of this temporary world. Religion is just what they say [and not what they follow]. They (mis) use religion for their livelihood. If people are subject to trial, there are few who are true to their faith.


On Allah’s chosen people

When Allah choose to grant favour on someone, He makes them a wasila [source] of helping other people in need.


On those who don’t follow any faith

If you don’t believe in any particular faith, at least be free-spirited and honest in your deeds.


On Righteousness and Tyranny

To me, death for the sake of what is righteous only brings joy, and living under tyranny is like living in hell.


Your true friend and enemy

One who reveals your shortcoming to you like a mirror [shows your your true self] is your true friend. And the one merely flatters you and hides your faults is your true enemy.


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