Aah Yeh Marg e Dawaam, Aah Yeh Razme Hayat: Iqbal Poem painted by Sadequain

 Aqal-ko-Milti-Nahin-Apnay-Button-Iqbal-Verse-Sadequain-003 (1)

Aah Yeh Marg e Dawaam, Aah Yeh Razme Hayat
Khatam Bhee Ho Gi Kabhi Kashmakash e Kainat !
Ah, such eternal demise, Ah, such struggle of Life
Will such Dilemma of life ever end?
Aqal Ko Miltee Naheen Apnay Butto’n Say Nijat
Aarif o Aami, Tamaam Bandayay Laat o Manaat
Rationale cannot find get rid of its idols
Lords or Commoners, all are worshipers of Laat and Manaat [idol of ancient times]
Khuwaar Huvaa Kisa Qader Adam e Yazdaan Sifaat
Qalb o Nazer Par Garaan Aisay Jahaan Kaa Sibaat
Adam, the bearer of divine characteristics, has lost his dignity & pride
The existence and continuation of such world hurts the heart and vision
Kyun Nahin Hoti Sehar Hazrat-E-Insan Ki Raat?
Why doesn’t Man’s [pessimistic] dusk change into dawn [of hope]?


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