Signs of God: Iqbal’s verses from Javid Nama

Iqbal Verses Javidnama

Iqbal Verses Javidnama

Just like the Signs of God are infinite

Oh Traveler, then how can the journeys and paths ever end?


زانکہ آیات خدا لا انتہا ست
اے مسافر جادہ را پایاں کجا ست

In Allama Iqbal’s Javidnama, Allama embark on a journey with his spiritual mentor Mevlana Rumi. In one of the chapters, Allama meet three restless souls, who has been offered Heavens, however, they prefer an ongoing struggle and Journey over such destinations. These souls are of Mansoor Alhaaj [famous Sufi of Baghdad crucified for raising Ana-ul-Haq], Mirza Ghalib and Qurratulayn Tahirih [famous actress who embraced Bi’hai faith and was condemned to death].




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