Story behind Bulleh Shahs “Bulleh Nu Samjhawan Aiyan”

Bulleh Shah was a Noble Syed (descendant of the Prophet Muhammad), while his Mentor Shah Anayat was Arayein, a cast associated with agriculture and considered not as noble in those days. Bulleh Shah family got offended by his love and respect for Shah Anayat. Hence, they sent a group of respected elder sisters and sisters-in-law to convince him. Bulleh Shah wrote a beautiful poem on this:

“Bulleh noo Samjhavan Aiyan, Pehnaan te Parajayan”
Manle Bulleya saada kehnaa, chud de palla Raiyan”
Bulleh Shah’s sisters and sister-in-law come to persuade him
Bulleh, listen to our advice, and forbid the company of Arain (Shah Anayat)!”


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