Andar Aaina-e-Jaan Aks-e-Jamal-e Deedam: Kalam by Moeenuddin Chishti

Andar Aaina-e-Jaan Aks-e-Jamal-e Deedam: Kalam by Hazrat Moeenuddin Chishti of Ajmer Sharif

Andar aaina-e jaan aks-e jamal-e deedam
Hamcho khursheed ke dar ab zalaal deedam
Ta Moin zarra sifat raft pi-e nor azal
Na tulu-o na ghuroob-o na zawal-e deedam


اندر آئینہ جان عکس جمال دیدم

ہمچو خورشید کے در اب زلال دیدم

تا معین ذرّہ صفت رفت پئے نور ازل

نہ طلو ع نہ غروب نہ زوال دیدم


English Translation

In the mirror of life, I saw reflection of the beautiful one [God]
Like the Sun, I saw it reflected in water
When Moeen was on his path to the Eternal Light,
There was neither a rising nor a setting or a decline




Also download Khwaja ki Deewani: An evergreen tribute to Khwaja Moinudin by Sabri Brothers. Sabri Brother’s respect for Khwaja Moeenudin was legendary. They migrated to Pakistan from India following 1947-partition, but as evident in their Qawwalis, their heart remains which is truly reflected in verse below:


Khuda Gawah Hai Ajmer Khud Nahin Choraa

Bichar Ke Kabhi Sakoon Mill Naa Saka

خدا گواہ ہے اجمیر خود نہیں چھوڑا

بچھڑ کے کبھی سکون مل نہ سکا


God is witnesses, we didn’t leave Ajmer on purpose

Once we left Ajmer, we never found contentment of heart anywhere else.




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