Darvesh Band introduces Qawwali Rock Genre

darvesh band

Darvesh Band


Darvesh Band from Pakistan rose to fame in Pepsi battle of bands with a genre unheard, Qawwali Rock.

And it will be justified to say that no other band fit such genre more beautifully than Darvesh. It was heartwarming to see that two of the eight finalist bands influenced by Sufi Music, the other being Badnaam, the greatest Sufi Rock band since Junoon.

Both Badnaam and Darvesh were bands with a mission, that is to spread meaningful message of love and Sufism via music.

Jee Lay Har Pal by Darvesh Band is a song which is not from their Pepsi performance. It’s a track they performed before their fame at Pepsi show, but a worthy listen. Download












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