Kithe Mehr Ali Kithe Teri Sanaa: Pir Meher Ali Shah’s immortal Naat Sharif

pir meher ali shah

pir meher ali shah


Kithe Mehr Ali Kithe Teri Sanaa
Gustakh Akheen Kithey Ja Ariyaan

What inferior Meher Ali, Where is you elevated ranks
My sinful eyes are still glancing at you.


Pir Meher Ali Shah is most famous for writing these beautiful verses in glory of Prophet Muhammad. These also state that our eyes are so sinful and do not observe the due respect of seeing Prophet, yet they cannot hold them self back when they know that their beloved is in front of them.


Such heart touching verses are born to be performed by Sufi artists and such Sufiana Kalam has been performed by many, which include notables such as Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and Begum Abida Parveen.


Below is this Naat Sharif Kithe Mehr Ali Kithe Teri Sanaa in voice of Abida Parveen.


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