Khwaja Gharib Nawaz & Hazrat Ali Hajveri

Khwaja Gharib Nawaz & Hazrat Ali Hajveri [Daata Sahib of Lahore]

In India, Khwaja Gharib Nawaz Hazrat Moeenudin Chishti has a following second to none. Millions flock to Ajmer Sharif to pay homage to the great Sufi. Khawaja Piya had huge respect for Hazrat Ali Hajvairi of Lahore. He performed ziarat of the shrine of Hazrat Ali Hajvairi and upon leaving with countless blessings, he gave his homage to the Patron Saint of Lahore with these golden Farsi verses, which are now inscribed at Mausoleum:
mazar khwaja moeenudin chishti

Mazar of Khwaja Moeenudin Chishti

Ganjj Bakhsh Faiz-e-Aalim Muzhar-e-Noor-e-Khudaa
Naqisaan Ra, Peer-e-Kaami, Kamlaan Raa Rahnuma
Ganj Bakhsh [Provider of Spiritual Blessings] is benefactor for worlds, a manifestor of Divine Noor
For novice, he is the perfect mentor, and for the perfect, a great guide too.
This is a love story between two great saints, which go beyond geographies. Such love was cultivated by these long ago, it is no surprise that pilgrims from Pakistan visit Ajmer Sharif, just like Brothers from India arrive Lahore at Daata Sahib.


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