Jugni Digg Payee Vich Roee: Alam and Arif Lohar’s masterpiece Jugni rendition

Jugni is a Punjabi Kalam that never goes old. It has so many versions, some funny while others with mystical influence. Being a popular Kalam, it is sung at weddings and events across both sides of Punjab border. There are so many additions to its verses so it is impossible to find a ‘standardized’ Jugni anymore. It is like open source poem, which has evolved into so many forms now.


Alam Lohar

Alam Lohar


Jugni remains funny and poignant at the same time, as Jugni is a simple person learning about the world, fallings into its pits, and then also turns to Allah as seen in these verses:


Jugni was so absorbed on worldly things, that she fell in ditch
There she cried and cried
However, she was alone, no one came to listen to her woes
Alway remember, there is no salvation without Kalima [belief in Allah]
Jugni Digg Payee Vich Roee
Othay Ro Ro Kamli Hoee
Oddi Vaath Naye Lainda Koi
Tey Kalimay Binna Nai Mildi Toi




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