Badnaam sings Mein To Deewani, Khuwaja Ki Deewani of Sabri Brothers

badnaam band

badnaam band


Badnaam was most certainly the greatest Rock band Pakistan saw in 2017, hailed by music legends such as Ali Azmat and Shahi Hassan as the greatest rock band since Junoon.


Mein To Deewani, Khawaja Ki Deewani of Sabri Brothers was one track that Badnaam played in their unique grunge rock style, which has beautiful verses below:


Khuda Gawah Hai Ajmer Khud Nahi Chora
Bichar Ke Aap Ke Dar Se Sukoon E Dil Na Mila


God is witness, I didn’t Ajmer Sharif intentionally
Once I left your abode, never found peace life afterwards


Mein To Deewani, Khwaja Ki Deewani
Khuda Gawah Hai Khuda Ka Rasool, Ya Khawaja


I am obsessed about Khwaja
And God is witness of it, and Prophet of God


Saki Nagar Nagar Saki Dagar Dagar
Mein To Ishq Ki Aag Laga Ke Chali


O’ feeder of Love’s wine, you are everywhere
I have kindles the fire of Love, and now I am leaving


Mora Khiash Gayo Mora Daish Gayo
Mein To Ishq Ki Aag Mei Pori Jali


All my senses and things are gone
I have burned myself in the flames of love


Mein To Deewani, Khuwaja Ki Deewani
Koi Kisi Ka Hai Koi Kisi Ka


I am obsessed by Khwaja Moeenudin Chishti R.A.
Some belongs to others, others belong to others


Jahaan Woh Hai Wahaan Dil Hai, Jahaan Dil Hai Wahan Sub Kuch Hai
Magar Pehle Maqaame Dil Samajhne Ki Zarorat Hai


Where He [God] is, that’s where heart is. Where heart is, all is there
But the real question is to understand where Heart lies.


Meri Deewangi Per Yeh Hosh Walay Behas Farmaie
Magar Pehle Inhein Deewana Bun’ne Ki Zarorat Hai


On my ecstacy, those in sense do lots of arugments
But they won’t understand until they go in ecstacy like me.



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