Shaykh Mehmet Adil, eldest son of Shaykh Nazim R.A

shaykh mehmet


The Sufi in photo is Shaykh Mehmet Adil, son of Shaykh Nazim R.A., whom I had honour to meet at Shaykh Nazim house at Lefke. Shaykh Nazim was like a sun surrounded by disciples and family members, each of which unbelievably hospitable and loving. Shaykh Mehmet arrived from a long journey from Istanbul and despite being tired greeted us.

Even at first meeting, I felt that the word to describe Shaykh Mehmet is humility. His gaze was always low, as he brought food for guests with own hands, which he farmed and grew himself too. He was most thoughtful person, spoke little, but every word showered love, wisdom and humbleness.

He remains one the greatest Sufis we have, even if he will never accept it. May Allah raise his ranks and let us benefit from his wisdom.




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