Shaykh Nazim Al-Haqqani advice to the visitors on Zikr and Mawlid Naat

On Saturday June 17, 2006 a group of visitors from Turkey arrived to ask the Shaykh Nazim, asking for advice and dua.

The Shaykh told them: “Unripe people who are seeking come here. Those who come here don’t arrive as perfect or kamil (complete) ones. Therefore we must be tolerant, considerate and be patient with them..

The one who makes dhikr (remembrance of God) comes closer to Allah.

Also recite the mawlid naat (a poem by Sufi poet Hazrat Suleyman Chelebi celebrating the birth of the Prophet Muhammad SAW).

Our aim is to serve all humanity. Our meeting is for the pleasure of Allah and his Prophet Muhammad SAW. Once a week or once a month, those who are connected should put their jobs aside and be present at the zikr gathering.

Those who find no peace in this meeting are not able to find peace anywhere. And those who are not cured in this meeting are not able to find any cure even if Hakim Luqmaan (the wiseman mentioned in the Qur’an, or Luqman the Wise) were to come.”

The Shaykh then recited loudly the first sentence of the Mawlid-i Sharif Naat and said that when the Mawlid is chanted, the spirituality of the Prophet SAW is present there. Without finding the Rasool Allah SAW, nobody is able to reach Allah.”

In every meeting recite the Mawlid naay, he advised.”


shaykh nazim

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