The Fire in Hazrat Umar’s era: Story from Maulana Rumi

The Fire in Hazrat Umar’s era: Story from Maulana Rumi’s Masnvavi

A fire broke out in the time of ‘Umar, it was devouring stones as though they were dry wood.

Half the city caught fire from the flames: water was afraid of fire.

Some persons were throwing water and vinegar on the fire to extinguish

But the fire was increasing: help was coming to it from One who is infinite [God]


The people came to ‘Hazrat Umar, the Caliph, in haste, saying, “Our fire will not be extinguished by water.”

He said, “That fire is one of God’s signs: it is a flame from the fire of your wickedness.

Abandon water and give out bread in charity, abandon evil if you are my people”


The people said to him, “We had doors opens, we have been bountiful and devoted to generosity.”

Hazrat Umar replied, “You have given bread because you were forced or to show-off, you have not opened your hands for the sake of God.

Only for glory, for showing-of and for pride, not because of fear, piety and supplication.”


Everyone shows favour to his own people: the fool thinks he has really done good and religious work.

It is fitting for the generous man to give money in this way, but the real generosity of the lover is the surrender of his soul for help of others.




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