The Story of Crow who took advice from Goat

The Story of Crow who took advice from Goat: Sufi story from Saif-ul-Malook

Muhammad Bakhsh in his critically acclaimed and well-loved book Saif-ul-Malook narrate below verse about doing famous on unworthy, as they will harm back instead of showing gratitude.


نچان دی آشنائی کولوں فیض کسے نہیں پایا
ککر تے انگور چڑھایا، ہر گچھا زخمایا

This lessons is explained by a beautiful Sufi story.

A Crow stumbled upon a Goat in a jungle who was grazing fearlessly. The crow grew curious and went to the goat and enquired about this.

“I graze fearlessly because I am protected by two Lions. I found them as orphans in the jungle, and provided them with milk. Now they consider me mother, hence no one dares to do any harm to me”

The Crow was very inspired this story and decided to replicate the same favour. He found a mouse drowning in river and took him out of water and put him on a rock. He used his wings to dry him. When mouse became consciousness, following his natural instinct, he started biting Crow’s feather and ran off.

When Crow tried to fly, he fell on the ground. He lamented his bad fortune.

Some time later, the same goat discovered crow being paralyzed and asked what happened. The grow grew angry and blamed the Goat for the whole fiasco as he narrated his story.

“Your foolish crow”, replied the Goat. “I asked you to do favour but not on everyone. If you do this on worthy like lions, they will return back the favour. But for the ones unworthy, they will still ham you like the mouse!”



Story of Goat and Crow




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