Tina Sani sings poems of Faiz Ahmed Faiz

Tina Sani and Faiz Ahmed Ahmed

Tina Sani and Faiz Ahmed Ahmed


Tina Sani’s is truly the voice of Faiz Ahmed Faiz, who with her amazing music brought verses of Faiz Sahib to masses in Pakistan.

Hailed as one of the greatest semi-classical singer of Pakistan, Tina Sani, with her unique voice, has immortizlised kalam of Faiz Ahmed Sahib such as Mere Dil Mere Musaafir , Nahin Nigah Mein Manzil Wo Buton Ne Daale Hain Waswasay , and Nawai Ney Masnavi (Kalam Maulana Rumi). Download these beautiful Nazm and Ghazals sung by an amazing artist.





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