Vaikh Bandeyya – Bulleh Shah Poem with Translation


Bulleh Shah Poem [English Translation]

O’ Human Being
These Birds Flying
Do you see what they do?
They don’t store any food with greed
And they don’t die of hunger
Has anyone see flying birds dying of hunger?
It’s greedy Human that store food
It’s Humans that die of hunger.


Punjabi Text

Vaikh Bandeyya
Asman Te UdDe Panchi
Vaikh Te Sahee Ki Karde Ne
Na O’ Karde Rizq Zakheera
Na O’ Bhuke Marde Ne
Kaddi Kisse Ne Urday Panchi
Bhukke Marde Vaikhe Ne?
Banday Hi Karde Rizq Zakheera
Banday Hi Bhukke Marde Ne…


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