Bayazid Bastami and Junaid Baghdadi story

Bayazid Bastami and Junaid Baghdadi story: From Melana Rumi’s Fihi Ma Fihi

In Fihi Ma Fihi by Maulana Rumi, one of the greatest books on Sufism, explains the delicate points of Sufism and self awareness via stories, just like Maulana’s Masnavi.

Below story is about Hazrat Bayazid Bastami and Junaid Baghdadi, two of the greatest laurates in Sufism. It narrates that when Bayazid Bastami was a child, his father took him to madrasa [school] to get education of Islamic fiqah [jurisprudence].

He asked the tutors whether the fiqah he is teaching is fiqah of Allah? The tutor replies, “no this is fiqah of Hazrat Imam Abu Hanifa [greatest jurist in Islamic history]”

Hazrat Bayazid replied, “I want to study the fiqah [revealed] by Allah”

His father took his to different tutors but his question remained the same, until his father gave up.

Much time later, Hazrat Bayazid Bastami found Hazrat Junaid Baghdadi and when he looked at his, he replied, “Here is the fiqh of Allah I have been searching for”. This was a meeting just like meeting between Hazrat Rumi and Maulana Shams Tabraiz. Hazrat Bastami was aware of the inner dimension of mysticism, so the superficial never meant anything for this.


Bayazid Bastami and Junaid Baghdadi story

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