Paani Da Bulbala – First Punjabi Folk Rap song by Yaqoob Atif

yaqoob atif


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Aye chand ki sitare ki pahar de nazare ki

Mahal ki chubaare ki makaan ki minar ki
Sab Paani Da Bulbala


Paani Da Bulbala [Bubble made of water] is regarded as the first Punjabi Rap song, born in 1970s. Aired at the time of Black and White televisions and also sung by Neelam Ghar on PTV, it has spiritual connotation of Man, whose live is fragile as a Bubble, yet this doesn’t stop him from wordily and material gains. A rare gem sung by Yaqoob Atif, which remains hilarious, poignant, sarcastic and fully relevant even today.


The song recording is in public domain and very aged, hence can be freely distributed without permission.



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