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mazar of allama iqbal

Allama Iqbal Tomb Photos

Allama Iqbal Tomb at Hazoori Bagh Lahore Urdu has witnessed a huge number of Posts and many a Philosophers, but when it comes to genre of Philosopher-Poet, Allama stands in a league of his...

mevlana rumi portrait

Rumi’s Brilliant Question to Shamz Tabraiz

  There are several accounts of the first spiritual meeting between Mevlana Rumi and Shams Tabraiz, as seen in our earlier post. Shams was an accomplished mystic, whereas Rumi was renowned as a great religious...

mevlana rumi shrine

Masnavi Maanvi by Maulana Rumi: A Study

  Persian (Farsi) is regarded as language of beautiful verse and rich literature. It is no surprise that Persia witnessed some of the world’s greatest authors and poets, including heavyweight such as Hafiz, Saadi,...