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Mevlana Rumi Shrine [Museum] Entrance

Worship: Sufi Quote by Rumi

  Worship Mankind passes through three stages. First he worships anything: man, woman, money, children, earth and stones. Then, when he has progressed a little further, he worships God. Finally, he does not say:...

mevlana rumi portrait

The Life of Rumi

The Life of Rumi   Rumi was born on September 30, 1207 at Balkh, in the Iranian region of Khorasan,  part of the current territory of Afghanistan.   Rumi’s father was Bahauddin Walad, son...

King and the Sufi Painting

Stone Eating is Forbidden: Sufi Story

  A hunter, walking through some woods, came upon a notice. He read the words: STONE EATING IS FORBIDDEN. His curiosity was stimulated, and he followed a track which led past the sign until...