Alif: Sufi Story of Bulleh Shah

Folklore says that when Bulleh Shah went to his madrassa [first school], his teacher began from ‘Alif’, the first letter of Urdu/Arabic.

Bulleh Shah got stuck right on Alif. His question to teacher ‘What exactly is Alif?’

Teacher tried to persuade him to memorize, but Bulleh Shah realized their was deeper wisdom hidden in it.

After years of meditation, Bulleh Shah went back to his teacher and when he said Alif, there was a miracle as the entire madrassa disappeared in front of teacher’s eyes.

Here are the verses from Bulleh Shah’s famous poem:

Ilm o Bas Karein o Yaar
Ek Alif tere Darkaar#


Just leave all (superficial) learning
All you need is (the secrets within) Alif!


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