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islamic new year 2018

Islamic New Year 2018

  Team wishes all a blessed Islamic new year.     Facebook Comments

Iftar at Masjid e Nabwi Madina Munawra

Iftar at Masjid e Nabwi Madina Munawra

Medina Munawara is the city of hospitality, which welcomes pilgrims all over the world with open arms.   When people of Makkah including his own family turn against Prophet Muhammad SAW, it was Medina...

sufi singers from south asia

Discovering Sufi Music across South Asian Regions

Sufi Music is mainly associated with India and Pakistan, yet like the diverse cultures within these two countries, therefore Sufi music in different regions of Indian Subcontinent vary greatly. aims to bring selected...

ab-e-zamzam vintage photo

Old Photo of well of Aab-e-Zamzam

  The well of Zamzam is situated within Masjid e Haram in Makkah Mukarma. According to Quran, it sprang as miracle from the dry and barren land of Makkah when Hazrat Hajira (Hagar), wife...