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ramadan mubarak

Welcoming Ramzan [Ramadan] 2017 رمضان مبارک

  As Ramzan approaches this week, wishes all its readers a blessed Ramzan [Ramadan] 2017. رمضان کریم /رمضان مبارک. May Allah give us an opportunity to gather His mercy and blessings and share...

amir khusro

Love Poem by Hazrat Amir Khusroo R.A.

  Ba Labam Rasccda Janam Tu Bia Ke Zinda Manum Pas Azari Ki Man Na Manum, Ba Rheh Kar Khahi Amud?   Translation: My life is hanging on my lips now Come my beloved so I may...

Sufi resting under Tree

Sufi Quote by Salik Hamzavi

Call of The Sufi Answer the Sufi Call, as best you are able, in this world, with a loving heart and honestly. Then you are truly safe in this world and in all the...