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shrine of hazrat saadi shirazi

Aalim and the King: Sufi Story by Saadi

An Aalim (religious scholar) was invited to the King’s court. In order to impress the King with his piety, he ate very less than usual and prayed much longer than normal. When he reached home,...

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Allama Iqbal’s Rubaiyat from Payam-e-Mashriq

Allama Iqbal’s Rubaiyat from Payam-e-Mashriq بگو جبریل را از من پیامے مرا آن پیکر نوری نداوند ولے تاب و تب ما خاکیاں بین بنوری ذوق مہجوری نداوند Translation: Convey my message to Gabriel (Arch-Angel) ...

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Abida: The Undisputed Queen of Sufi Music

When it comes to Sufiana and Arfana Kalam, different Sufi and Folk artists have marked their niche i.e. Pathanay Khan for Seraiki folk, Nusrat Saheb for Punjabi & Urdu Qawwali , and Ustad Juman...

Knowledge and Ignorance - Rumi Quote 0

Knowledge and Ignorance – Rumi Quote

The Knowledge that does not steal ‘You’ from ‘Yourself’ is worst than Ignorance. [Meaning: The real Self appears when one subtracts You from YourSelf] – Mevlana Rumi Facebook Comments

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Sufi Story : The Heavenly Apple

Sufi Story : The Heavenly Apple of Mansoor Hallaj Ibn Nasir was ill and longed for apple, which were out of season in Baghdad.  Mansoor Hallaj performed a miracle and produced one. When Ibn...

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Who is Bayazid Bastami?

Someone knocked at Bayazid’s door. “Whom do you seek”, exclaimed Bayazid. “Bayazid”, responded the visitor. “I have been searching for Bayazid for three decades myself” replied Hazrat Bayazid Bastami. “And still haven’t found him...