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Aalam Ab o Khak o Baad - Iqbal Verse Sadequain

Sadequian draws Kalam Allama Iqbal

Sadequian started his career from sketches and portraits, but developed his signature style for flamboyant Murals, Calligraphy Art and his depiction of Urdu Verses. His gigantic painting of Lahore Museum’s entire ceiling, Wapda House Wall,...

The Grocer Sufi Story

The Grocer & The Satan: Sufi Story by Shaykh Saadi

  Shaykh Saadi narrates story of a grocer, who spent entire day lying to customers, deceit and corruption in weighing things. However, when he ended the business every day, he loudly cursed Satan for mischief. One...

Rumi Quote: Lamps and Light

Child and Light: Sufi Story by Hasan Basri

I saw a child carrying a light and asked ‘Where did you get the light from’ The child put it off and exclaimed, “Now you tell where it has gone!”   – Hazrat Hasan...

Dome of the Rock - Jerusalem

Knowledge & Money: Sufi Quote by Hazrat Ali

“Knowledge is better than money. You protect money but your knowledge protects you.” – Ali bin Talib R.A. Also, download Ali Da Malang, one of the greatest qawwali of Ustaad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan.